In the school itself, I had come to learn Acting

On the third and final day of the Daily Bhaskar Garba Festival, the famous TV artist and ‘I’m Coming Madam’ serial fameĀ Sapna Sikarwar came to attend Sunday. Sapna, who reached the city, shared his experience of acting with Bhaskar. With this he also talked about his craze for acting.What is the story of the Sapna.

- In a message to the younger generation, the Sapna said that acting is not a thing to do after seeing anyone.

If there is a passion and passion of acting, then only go to this field or else make a career in education.

- Sapna Sikarwar, playing the character of Kashmiri in this serial, told that he had done Ratlam and he had so much interest in acting since childhood that he used to call the dance and dialogue off the room.

During schooling, he saw an advertisement for learning acting in news paper in Baroda.

- In the know, TV director Ramanand Sagar started some courses to learn acting. Then they joined the classes.

Raman and Sagar was meeting

During the learning process, Ramanand Sagar said that you are perfect, you do not need to learn acting.
- Then there was a proposal for serial like Prithviraj, Jaiver and Hanuman. This was the turning point of my life.

After this, the new channels started to be identified with the dawn serial. Now I like the role of a domestic lady in the Mayi Coming Madam.

Won the award in Dandiya

- Sapna told that he is still playing a role in some of the films. Soon viewers will see them on the big screen.

- He said that he is fond of Dandiya and has won many awards in it. Because of this hobby, he has come to Jodhpur.

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