Bhabhi ji is at home ‘in his 9 years younger than Tiwari ji

Famous comedy serial ‘Bhabji ji is at home’ is very liked by all the characters. But very few people know about Shoma Rathod, who plays Rohitash Goud and Amma ji who play the role of Manmohan Tiwari in this serial, Shoma Rathore, who is the mother of Rohitash in the show, is 9 years younger than him.

Yes yes Rohitash was born in 1971, the same Shoma was born in 1980. Tell me that Shoma, who played Amma’s character, was not so thick at first. But in his life, he has undergone a period of depression, due to which his weight has increased significantly. Shoma said in an interview that when she was 23 years old she was married.

They met with social media. A few months later they got married in the presence of the family. His relationship lasted for 10 years but when we saw that our thoughts do not match with each other, living together and suffering each other, we are better off and separated from ourselves and be happy to be happy. He further says that he used to be slim-trimm but due to depression his weight increased significantly.