Ravi Dubey makes a better tapori onscreen than Shakti Arora

Celebrities Shakti Arora and Ravi Dubey happen to be around a somewhat familiar floor lately. Since Milan of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and Raghu of Jamai Raja, both have changed in their sophisticated small business magnate avatars into beachfront louts.¬†While Milan is your self-obsessed psychotic twin of Ranveer, who’s looking for revenge, Raghu is a tapori, whom Siddharth has transformed himself into to expose Shabnam’s (Shagun Ajmani) wicked schemes before one and all.

We have to state that this survey has been a closely fought event. Both the celebrities had equal amount of votes for several days. After three times, it had been Ravi who had been leading by a narrow margin of two percent. Shakti quickly overtook him and reigned to get a couple of days. But, Ravi bounced back and is at the top as then.

On the displays, we’ve seen Milan leaping off from a cliff while Sid is trying his very best to convince Durga Devi (Achint Kaur) and rest of the household that he’s not Sid however Raghu while winning back Durga Devi’s companion for her. While Shakti worked on his voice and body for Milan’s function, Ravi also has attained a neater transformation. Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Milan also had a couple of minutes but the present monitor on MATSH has not functioned on the TRP graphs.